Glyphs in Pride Colors

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🌈Pride Glyphs : A Drive folder of glyphs in Pride colors! 🏳️‍🌈

Want a Glyph in Pride Colors that isn't already in the folder? 

Happy Pride, all year, every year!

Please note that the folder does not include every combination, only those that were requested over Pride Month+ in 2023 along with the ones I started with, and also that I may not get to requests right away, but as time, energy, and disabilities allow.

New years of Pride Glyphs will be added into their own .zip update.

If you want some Garou / Bastet / Corax glyphs in Pride colors and you didn't find your desired combo in the folder, use the instructions below!

Requesting a Glyph in Pride Colors

Notes on selecting your Glyph

Notes on selecting your Pride colors




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