Hall of Heroes

The Cyber Record uses information from all "legacy" Werewolf: The Apocalypse editions, which includes First Edition, Second Edition, Revised Edition, and 20th Anniversary Edition, as well as By Night Studios and Mind's Eye Theater versions.  It does not feature W5 content.
Werewolf: The Apocalypse glyphs were created by Richard Thomas.
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Whether they are a Homid who simply cannot get used to the idea of scent as an identity marker, a Crinos-born immersing themselves in the only culture they are allowed to be a part of, or a Lupus exploring the use of communication previously unknown to them, using glyphs to signify an individual can have a range of use. Aside of attributing renown or scandal, glyph-names might be used to denote ownership, reinforce rituals or pacts, or simply provide a Garou with a greater sense of belonging and presence in their culture.

This section includes the name of individual characters, packs, and septs.

Text in "quotations" is the description or comments from the [glyph's designer] or request submitter.




Max "Acceleration" Black.


"Seriously, I just thought this looked cool and that was the perfect way to represent the character. The glyph replaces the top and bottom marks of Honor with Fire. So, now it's a full moon, emanating light, bathed in flame."

Bitter Moon Marked-Defiant

[Feral Noesis]
'Marked/branded/scarred' + 'Defiance''Rage' + 'Luna'
Homid Ahroun Black Fury.

"Member of the Sons of the Dawn."


"Klaive or sword altered to a twisted blade. This also doubles in resembling a meat-hook, which was the character's first weapon."

Blood's Harbinger



[Feral Noesis]
'Howl' + 'Time/always' + 'hunger' + 'air'
Homid Galliard Fenrir.

"So named for howls so long that he'd be starving for air, thus blue in the face."
Bera "Brick" Hustad.


'Life' over 'metal' with emphatics from 'wolf' overlaid
"A glyph designed for a rather renowned blacksmith who helped to create many a powerful weapons and fetishes with my longest lasting character. Though his skill in a forge stands nigh unchallenged, his reputation for everything else is rather marred, and he has poor standing as a result. The wolf emphatics are used to represent the act of imbuing the metal with life is done by the garou's hands."


"I took the structure for Caern, which is Earth with Spirit, and replaced the Earth element with Travel.  The emphatics on Travel show it being swift, thus Sprinting."


"This is less  translation glyph as it's meant to evoke an image.  In this case, it's supposed to resemble someone holding up their arms in a victory gesture while haloed in light. The arms were made with the wing marks from Falcon, which has significance for the character."


Vertical 'claw' with an overlaid 'peace'


[Feral Noesis]
Composed of 'wisdom' emphatics + 'observation' + 'hidden' + 'falcon' connotating quietly watching and learning with keen eyes.
Ana Mizuki'sCrinos-born Galliard Silver Fang.


[Kendra C.]
Combination of 'Helios', 'Fang', and 'Warder'

Dead Drop

[Feral Noesis]
Composed of 'hidden/conceal', 'new moon/trickery', 'help', and the 'creator' emphatics that are often used to denote a personal name
Homid (Bitten) Ragabash Glass Walker.
"Hidden help and the discreet exchange of it. Dead Drop is the name they earned from their Fostern challenge, and this glyphname also works for their word-play Cliath name, which also serves as their general human-world name, Aidan Abbett."


Eris Defies-the-Chain

Homid Ragabash Black Fury.

Echoing Tides

[Feral Noesis]
Composed of 'time', the root shape found in 'story'/'howl/song'/'wisdom',the shape used in 'moot/gathering'/'the nation'/'legends/legendary',the glyph for 'cycle/recurrence' flanked by the glyphs for 'water'
Theurge Silver Fang (Unbreakable Hearth).

"Taking all of these elements together, we can illustrate the narrative of how a droplet (the modifier attached to the song/wisdom glyph; possibly connotative of the individual) winds down through the ages, making a 'splash' in the Nation, which 'echoes' out in legends. Taking the theme of echoing, we could infer that the legends, deeds, songs, and wisdom all returns back to the source in a tidal manner; flowing back and forth in turn. In this way, Echoing Tides' name expresses her connection to her ancestors and Pure Breed, and as well as her particular bloodline's affinity for allegories involving water. The almost-symmetrical shape suggests her vanity and sense of aesthetic, balanced and counter-parted in nature, rather than the artificial, homogenous mirror of the Weaver's sense of perfection."


'Awareness' overlaid with 'darkness'Another fabricated 'wisdom' to make it work for aesthetics
"This one is a long standing character of my brother that has been dropped into quite a few chronicles. He earned his current deed name in the abyss where he saved the pack by leading them through the darkness. The glyph shares a few stylistic elements with the glyph for the Abyss. The name stuck after the adventure and proved more fitting when he became a mentor over his sept."


'Rage' is the center piece.  The surrounding glyph is a modification of 'Vampire' to show consumption or devouring.

'Howl' + 'War' + 'First'
Homid Ahroun Fianna.


[Feral Noesis] 
'Lodge/House' + 'Fire' + 'Friend/ally'
Homid Ahroun Child of Gaia.

"The burning heart of the (Defenders of the) Hearth."

Flood of Wisdom


Follower of the Lost Howl

[Sam "Trial-of-Hope" Holloway]
Homid Twilight Bagheera.

"Jenna "Follower of the Lost Howl" Maine, Glyph consists of the Glyphs "Bastet, Memory, Howl, Pain, Recovery, Stealth"."


"Gun mirrored and modified to bulge in the middle. This is for an iconic character from the Chicago setting who has ridiculously over-developed arm muscles."


'Cold' overlaid the lower portion of 'storm'
"Being a Silver Fang, this one didn't have a deed name. Instead Hail-Storm stands in as his family name."

Hammer of Justice

"The glyphs are definitely more emphatic than straight forward. The main glyph is Honor with the center piece changed from the Ahroun/Luna glyph to the Philodox glyph, and the ends turned down to make it look more like a 'hammer head'. Then the bottom piece of Klaive is used, to complete the 'Weapon' look." 


"Apis modified by part of Wolf.  The character is a Crinos-born with the horns deformity, so this glyph is more about representing how he looks than his deed-name."

Hardest Lessons

'Gaia' + 'howl' + 'wisdom' + 'ragabash'+ 'author/creator' emphatics 


[Feral Noesis]
'Kinfolk' + 'Help' (replacing the 'Homid' component of Kinfolk) 'Road/Travel' + 'Night' (beneath its usual placement to denote that it's deep into the event, and thus quite late)
Homid Philodox Older Brother.

This glyphname was made for a Quest: Take Action! submission donating to Apache Stronghold #SaveOakFlat
"They earned it by arriving late to their Rite of Passage, but also when they arrived they brought their entire Kinfolk family loaded up with firearms and put down the whole brood of fomori while the rest of the pack attacked the bane nest they were being birthed from." 


[Feral Noesis]
'Convalescence/Regeneration' + 'Friend/Ally' (which when put together becomes a modified glyph for Love that would basically mean 'restoring love') 'Repair/Mend' + Action emphatic + 'Rain' + 'Gaia'
Homid Theurge Child of Gaia.

"Member of the Sons of the Dawn." 


'Love' surrounded by an inverted 'star' or 'light'
"The glyph is that of a prestigious Judge of Doom from the Russian Terror, a pack-mate of Silent-Trail. He had another deed name before this, but he forsakes it after completing a test to become a Judge. He joined with his own Moonshadow and forsakes taking a mate, seeing his emotion as only an obstacle to true impartiality.
Though there is a glyph for darkness, I inverted 'light' to show how the characters actions seem to drain the light, therefore cancel it out with his deeds to forsake love." 

Heart of Gaia



'Air' atop 'mountain'
"This one is for one of the more accomplished cannon Stargazers character. Most Stargazers seem to have an attitude of simplicity in all things, as a meditation to return to the state of all as one. I would think they're names and personal glyphs are structured in much the same way. Of course claiming something as THEIR glyph seems to counter their attitude of non-possession as well." 


[Feral Noesis]
'Howl' + 'Watchful/Observant''Darkness/Nothingness' (within to 'Howl' + to See)Action emphatics (the act of watching/seeing and the act of howling)
Crinos-born Theurge Silent Strider.

"Member of the Sons of the Dawn."


Basic 'howl' with 'war' instead of the usual emphatics

Laughs Last

'Air' atop 'mountain'
"This one is for one of the more accomplished cannon Stargazers character. Most Stargazers seem to have an attitude of simplicity in all things, as a meditation to return to the state of all as one. I would think they're names and personal glyphs are structured in much the same way. Of course claiming something as THEIR glyph seems to counter their attitude of non-possession as well." 


'Gun' with a coiling emphatic in the barrel


Crinos-born Bone Gnawer.
"This is for a Bone Gnawer Crinos-born with the Bad odor flaw. It's supposed to resemble a Shadow Lord Glyph because he doesn't like them and the Glyph can also resemble an insult (Shadow Lords Stink), however it's distinctly different to avoid looking like he's claiming to be a Shadow Lord. The 'seize' lines are thinner and this Crinos-born only has four claws to each paw." 

Mender of Bandajan

[Sam "Trial-of-Hope" Holloway]
Homid Ahroun Black Fury.
"Alice "Mender of Bandajan" Black, Glyph consists of the Glyphs "Black Fury, Ahroun, Glory, Alpha, Put Together/Build"."

Mender of the Death Metal

'Quest' + 'honour' + 'death' + 'metal' + 'monster' + 'put together'
"Even if the glyph reads 'put together', 'mender' in the name is more accurate due to the background (compare with 'quest'). The glyph of 'honour' is to emphasize the importance."


'Luna' encicled by 'star' and flanked by 'fangs' which is used to denote a house among Silver Fangs
"This character doesn't have a traditional deed name. Most Silver Fangs don't. He has a rather normal human name, and his surname is derived from a family under House Austere Howl, and is hyphenated with his mother's family name.
The fact it looks like a targeting receptacle was a happy coincidence after I found out this guy went kind of Punisher." 
Charles "Nano". 


'Dark' (night) + 'Hunter' (one 'scratch' above the Hunt for 'master' to create Hunter) + four 'scratches' in corners to describe 'deed name'
Homid Ahroun Glass Walker.

"His original deed name was ‚ÄėHunter-of-the-Night‚Äô as translation of the names from Latin as well as from the hunting behavior at his rite of passage. (Garou named D. Venator (trans: Hunter) had chased and kill a BSD named Nox (trans: Night) keeping his skull as a souvenir.)

After the violation of the 1st law of the Litany his deed name was reversed to ‚ÄėNight-of-the-Hunter‚Äô as a disgrace of his. Now, the night/darkness is representing the dishonor and the shame of this hunter."


Modified 'fangs' flanking the lower portion of 'stone'
"There is no real glyph for 'pearl' so I had to think what a wolf would regard a pearl as. In a simple sense, most would regard a pearl as just another stone, I thought. I was tempted to modify stone with something to register 'precious', but I felt the aesthetics of the glyph as is still flowed with the intuitive feel of the glyph language.
When I designed this, the player of the character hadn't told me the origins of the name or if he had any other names. So, I just made a glyph based on the name and what I had seen of how he was played, which was fairly straight-forward and simple. Not to say stupid, just no mind for unnecessary complexity."

Revenant of Folkwang

[Sam "Trial-of-Hope" Holloway]
Homid Ahroun Fenrir
"Dare "Revenant of Folkwang", Glyph consists of the Glyphs "Get of Fenris, Ahroun, Glory, Sacrifice, Return, Kill/Death"."


'Vampire' flanked by the outside emphatics from 'rival' with 'fangs' on the undersideThe 'rival' emphatics are supposed to show the conflict inherent in his nature
"He is a prolific vampire hunter out of the Boston area. The 'rival' glyph is has more connotations to him than just the enmity towards vampires. After many disputes with the Nation and his tribe, to include his choice in friends and preference for guns over claws, has led to a reputation of someone who makes it difficult to get along with. Actually, I think he prefers it that way."


[Feral Noesis]
'Leap' emphatics + 'Lightning' + root shape of 'Howl'+ 'Quick' emphatics + Action emphatics
Homid Philodox Shadow Lord.

"Member of the Defenders of the Hearth."


[Feral Noesis]
'Quick' emphatics + 'travel' blending into the root shape of 'author/story' between 'Umbra'
Lupus Galliard. 

Serpent's Milk

[Feral Noesis]
'Uktena'/'Snake' with 'Wisdom'act of Fangs' deliveringburning wisdom/'gnosis'
Homid Theurge Older Sibling.

"Member of the Defenders of the Hearth."


"Another evocation glyph since all these marks have nothing to do with what they represent but instead to make an image.  Here, Lightning frames two long marks, creating an image like the lower-half of a skull filled with sharp fangs."

Shields From the Tempest

[Shields From the Tempest]
"I took 'Storm' and 'Story', and extended the two fangs at the side from the 'story' to the sides. I really like this one, as the 'spirit' part looks like a shield from the impending storm."

Shrödinger's Cat

'Life' + 'Cat' + 'Death'
Crinos-born Theurge Glass Walker. 


'Trail' with a modified 'conceal' overhead, the lower emphatic extended to connect the three portions as 'iron' as well, a modified 'hunger' split by 'iron' underneath the 'trail'
"This one is character of mine from a Russian Terror game. He was a lupus born and as such had two names: one from his family, the other his deed name. After his right of passage, they were combined into one long deed name, and so his glyph became complicated. He was stealthy to the point of leaving almost no trail and had a merit that made his bite more powerful."


Theurge Shadow Lord. 


Half the 'wolf' overlaid onto 'snow'
"This character never had a proper Rite-of-Passage. He was a cub at the Sept of the Snow Leopard at the time of its fall. After he wandered into another near-by caern, the elders deemed the surviving the ordeal free of the Wyrm's touch was more of a test than any quest they could lay as his Rite-of-Passage. Thus his deed name honors the fallen caern and his breed."

Song of Sacrificial Memory

[Feral Noesis]
'Howl' joining 'sacrifice' into 'remembered dead'
Ana Mizuki'sCrinos-born Galliard Silver Fang.


"Raven" + "Howl" + "Spirit" + "Water"

Lupus Red Talon theurge

"From top down it reads: ‚ÄúRaven hears wise howls from the spirit waters‚ÄĚ

From bottom up it reads: ‚ÄúSpirit waters howl wisdom to the raven‚ÄĚ
The PC is kin to water spirits."


'Peace' encircled by a heavily worked 'howl' or 'voice' 


[Feral Noesis] 
'Put Together' inverted + action emphatics + 'Stone'
Homid Ahroun Fenrir.

"Alpha of the Defenders of the Hearth.
Claws tearing up, bursting through the shale,rocks flying, marking the Rite of Passage."


[Feral Noesis]
'Time/Present/Always' + 'Suffering' + 'Tears/Rain'
Homid Ahroun Child of Gaia.


"Adren Stormchaser, Karyn's glyph combines "The long road/Quest" with "storm". Always chasing the storm, and never running from it.
One of three survivors of the Fallen Sept of the Shard, he currently has found his home again with his past pack-mate and friends at the Highland Park Sept in Salem, Ma."
Homid Ragabash Stargazer.


'Lightning' overlaid with a reversed 'weak'
"This guy is a nearly legendary warrior in a long standing chronicle with a large circle of friends. The name is interpretive more-so than my other designs because of some of the implied messages that go with it. The reversed 'weak' is a simple claw swipe, and I felt worked because of the characters views on weakness just as much as it stands for 'strike'. The 'lightning' was the closest to fast that I could figure from the glyph language."

Tainted Storm

[Luke P.]
"That particular glyph was also designed with an additional element in mind, with the two diagonal claw-marks representing the defeat of two powerful servants of the tainted storm spirit.  It was a mark of honour for my PC after defeating ancient enemies of his Caern's totem."
Honour mark.

Talking Crazy



'Wisdom' overlapping 'war' at the bottom emphatic
"The character this was done for was a prominent Ahroun. More than his pure-breed and combat prowess was his wisdom. The elders recognized early on that he preferred to think his way out of problems than blindly smashing through them. Unfortunately, this is a rare strength for his moon."

Thunder Struck

Ragabash Shadow Lord. 


'Star' encircling 'travel' or 'road' 


[Sam "Trial-of-Hope" Holloway]
Homid Galliard Bone Gnawer.
"Samsura "Trial of Hope" Holloway, Glyph consists of the Glyphs "Memory, Howl, Story, Repair/Mend, Hurt and the Patron Glyph of the Lost Patron Spirit Antlion"."


Crinos-born Theurge Silent Strider.

"Fostern name of Howls-But-Sees-Nothing."


'Travel' flanked by mirrored 'Luna' 


'Rage' overlaid on 'honor'This has nothing to do with the name, but more the actions of the owner
"Ah, poor, poor Randy. He actually had quite a hook as a character. He was trying to change how the Garou Nation organized itself in an effort to make the victory over the Wyrm more important by removing a lot of rank politics. It was an admirable goal, but too radical. He was killed for his views in the end. This glyph marks his 'tomb' as a reminder to others." 


'Song' + 'Wyld' emphatics + 'author/creator' emphatics 


Including Hives, Nests, Slews, etc 

Disciples of the Horned God

[Sam "Trial-of-Hope" Holloway]
"The pack glyph for the Disciples of the Horned God / Horned Goat."

Falcon's Watch


Fangs of Gaia


Gaia's Thorns

Patron: Rose 

Leech Herders

"A pack mark for a Black Spiral Dancer pack that worked to influence the kindred of New Orleans to act against their treaty with the Lupines and turn towards their beasts" 

[G. Twining]
Patron: Tasmanian Devil 

Night's Honor

Patron: Grandmother Night 

Night Sky


North Star

[Roger Karoll (Alex "Knox" Spero)]
Patron: Polaris 

Quick Klaws (Original)

"Original pack glyph pre-Silver Record publication." 

Quick Klaws (Revised)

"The updated version incorporating wind and air emphatics over claw marks with Silver pack resemblance on the bottom and also meant to resemble a glyph for Glory." 

Shielding Horn

Patron: Unicorn 

Sol Invictus

[Luke P.]
Patron: The People 

Wednesday Morning

[Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese]


Including Caerns, Pits, Wallows, etc
Patron: Aeolus 

Sept of Ancient Hope

[Arthur "Torakhan" Dreese]
Patron: Mammoth
Caern: Lassen Volcanic National Park, CaliforniaLevel: 4Gauntlet: 3Type: StrengthTribal Structure: Older Brother, with Younger Brother, Black Furies and Children of Gaia. Open to all tribes other than Fianna and Get of Fenris. (27 Garou in about 6 packs)Patron: Tehama (Volcano)
Caern: Winema National Forest in the vicinity of Klamath Falls, OregonLevel: 2 (Was once higher, but has declined)Gauntlet: 4Type: HealingTribal Structure: Get of Fenris, Fianna. Open to all tribes. (12 members in four packs; 8 get of Fenris, 4 Fianna)Patron: Elk
Caern: Blake Island, WALevel: 3Gauntlet: 3Type: Knowledge/Teaching (Wisdom)Tribal Structure: Open; Originally dominated by Younger BrotherPatron: Tyee Suk-kegh Tahmanous (Salmon) 

Sept of the Darkest Flame


Sept of the Darkest Gifts


Sept of Dawn's Thunder


Sept of Enduring Winds

[(Glyph source)] 
Caern: Moran State Park, Orcas Island, WashingtonPatron: Zephyra, aspect of the West Wind 

Sept of the Hidden Tower


Sept of the Last Klaive

[(Glyph source)] 
Caern: Cave of Howling StormsType: StrengthPatron: Stag

Sept of Lost Wars


Sept of Luna's Shadow


Sept of the Secret Song


Sept of the Shining Spring


Sept of Silver Honors


Sept of Unity