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Notice an error with the map or spreadsheet?  Is something missing, a broken link, or a page number wrong?

If you have an error or other issue, you can report it by using this form:


"Help, I opened Rage Across Google Maps on my phone and now every time I use Google Maps I see Werewolf stuff everywhere!"

Method A (works on Android, iOS, but not iPad)

In the Google Maps app, tap on the menu button that looks like layered squares.  In the window it opens, under the "Explore" section, tap on the icon of a map pin above the map to turn it off for your phone.

This method is shown in the visual guide below:

Method A : Step 1

Method A : Step 2

Method B (works for iPad too)

Tap on "Saved" and then "Maps" then select Rage Across Google Maps.  Tap on "View map legend" and then "Close" and back out. 

You can also use the first part of this method to turn the map back on without having to come back to this website to find it again.

This method is shown in the visual guide below:

Method B : Step 1

Method B : Step 2

Method B : Step 3

Method B : Step 4

Method B : Step 5

If neither of these methods work for you, or if the steps shown have become inaccurate and obsolete due to a Google Maps update, please contact me using the Report Form above.

"Help, I want to add to the Atlas or Glyphery but the submission form isn't working for me!"

Using the submission forms are greatly preferred for my organizational purposes, but if you encounter issues with the form that make you unable to use it, you can use the following alternatives.  Please also let me know what difficulty you were having so I can try to fix it!

Atlas submissions via e-mail

To submit your own custom location to add to the Atlas via e-mail follow these steps:

Step 1

Provide the actual location for the map pin!

An easy way to do this is go to, find and then click on the spot where your map pin should go. 

This will bring up a small window at the bottom of the screen.  At the bottom of that window, there be the coordinates for that spot. 

Click on the coordinates, then copy all of those numbers from the search bar they appear in on the left, and include them with step 2. 

If you need a visual reference for this step, see below:

Step 2

E-mail your submission to

Copy the following template below, paste it into an e-mail, with the name of your Sept / Caern as the e-mail subject line.

Replace anything in {braces} with your information, and send!

If you want to provide your own translation for an entry in a language other than English, simply include the translated entry in the same e-mail.

Template to copy

{Paste your map coordinates here}

Caern: {A brief description of what or where the Caern's heart is}

Level {number} | Gauntlet {number}

Type: {Caern's type (not the Patron's type)}

Patron: {Caern's Patron}

Tribal Structure: {The Tribe/Changing Breed primarily in control, or mixed. Is it Open or Closed to outsiders?

Write your description of the Caern, Sept, important things or people here. I don't know if Google Maps has a text limit, but it's best to keep it about the length you might find in a source book.}

[{Name of the game that this place is from, you can include a link to it here. Or other form of credit/attribution you prefer}]

Glyphery submissions via e-mail

To submit your own custom location to add to Glyphery via e-mail follow these steps:

email with the image file, or link to where your glyph is already uploaded, along with following information:


No one asked me this but I'm going to explain anyway

"Why don't you use the glyph that already exists for "Quest" for the Quests?"

The answer is two-fold:

I was already making new glyph arrangements for each of the sections of The Cyber Record so I made sense to keep doing it. 

The official glyph for "Quest" is arranged from "Glory" and "Travel / Journey" and while I think to go gloriously in activism is still warranted, but it doesn't focus on the crux of  as much as I wanted convey.  I chose to combine "Help" and "Put Together / Join / Build" instead as a way to emphasize the way we (as players) are taking action, and to emphasize the importance of how individual help builds collective action and community support.  Also it made for a better shape for a map pin.

"What do the other glyphs used around the site mean?"

Used for the "Atlas", arranged from "Garou Nation" combined with "Caern".

Used for "Data", arranged from "Put Together / Join / Build" and "Wisdom".

Used for "Chiminage", arranged from "Sacrifice" and "Help".

Used for "Glyphery", arranged from the root shape for communication curved around "Galliard" above "Put Together / Join / Build" flanked by multiple "Claw" strokes.

Used for "Help: Report an Issue" section, arranged from "Observant" combined with "Howl / Song" with the emphatics component for "Safety" at its center.

Questions you did ask and here's your answer

"Has anyone actually asked you something that should go on here yet?"  (just kidding, no one asked me this either)

Not yet, but while I was restructuring things, I thought it could be handy to already have a spot for it, if it comes up. You can ask me something you want answered here using the Report Form above, or any of the methods to contact me listed in the Chiminage section.