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"Help, I opened Rage Across Google Maps on my phone and now every time I use Google Maps I see Werewolf stuff everywhere!"

Method A (works on Android, iOS, but not iPad)

In the Google Maps app, tap on the menu button that looks like layered squares. In the window it opens, under the "Explore" section, tap on the icon of a map pin above the map to turn it off for your phone.

This method is shown in the visual guide below:

Method A : Step 1

Method A : Step 2

Method B (works for iPad too)

Tap on "Saved" and then "Maps" then select Rage Across Google Maps. Tap on "View map legend" and then "Close" and back out.

You can also use the first part of this method to turn the map back on without having to come back to this website to find it again.

This method is shown in the visual guide below:

Method B : Step 1

Method B : Step 2

Method B : Step 3

Method B : Step 4

Method B : Step 5

If neither of these methods work for you, or if the steps shown have become inaccurate and obsolete due to a Google Maps update, please contact me using the Report Form above.